Statuses About Love

There is a better feeling on earth than love. When you are in love with someone you want to fly fluttering with joy in heaven. At that time, you want everyone to be as happy as you and give warmth and affection to your loved one and receive the most important thing reciprocity. Statuses about love can express this feeling and show your friends that you are doing well in life and that there is that little man on earth to whom you give this status- status about love .

And what is needed for this, but quite a bit is to look for suitable statuses about love that will suit your mood or you can compose new statuses in a fit of your emotions and excellent condition.

I know that not everyone has a soul mate now. But know that everything happens in life and soon you will meet the only person whom you will love and who will give new status every day about love and hope to live and enjoy life.

So if you have a loved one, set statuses for him about love and let a smile appear on his face when he comes to your page and sees this status.