As you scroll through social media pages, you might come across inspirational quotes either from your friends or other individuals, telling you to believe in yourself and move ahead in life. While posting such quotes does not formulate a crime, certain things don’t add based on statistics. According to top analysis and research, signs of depression and other mental health disorders are on the rise. The many symptoms that it carries are highly visible in a broad set of individuals. Due to that, posting such inspirational quotes seems more like a pandemonium rather than spelling out the truth. So to understand the matter in-depth, we decided to take a deeper look.

1. Another World

One of the main reasons behind posting such quotes is to create a form of life that is different from an individual’s real life. The kind of resources available on social media websites and pages help you draft out an alternate path that need not be alleged with reality. Considering the fact that you’re the creator of this path, you are free to post such forms of content. But when you summarize the entire process, it turns out to make an individual into a hypocrite.

2. Signs of Insecurity

Positive Statuses

Apart from being a hypocrite, individuals who post such quotes also tend to be insecure about reality and try to keep it in the dark. By moving ahead in this manner, we tend to live a life that is appealing for social media and stressful when reality strikes. As public perception comes into account, things tend to go out of hand as these individuals try to take things to a whole new level.

3. Every ‘Like’ Counts

What does an individual get in return by posting these quotes? Well, the central aspect tends to be validation. Yes, that’s right. As the number of likes goes up for their post, they will be happy about making people in something that does not exist. This activity is also another way of lying through which we gain a lot of confidence. Due to all that, moving ahead in this direction does not seem to be a good idea.

4. A Change


Forming a particular type of change and entering reality is an important step that we need to take at this point. While there’s no harm in posting such quotes, it should not be done to paint a different picture. Sticking to yourself and learning what’s best for you stand to create the ideal individual who is ready to take on the world. In this manner, we will not be ashamed of who we are and will be prepared to tell the whole world about it.